Have you ever wondered…

… how fast you can learn something.

How much you can put in your brain at the same time, and in what speed?

I sometimes have, when facing hard deadlines, juggling multiple tasks at the same time or just having a lot to do.



Now I’m starting to actually have the answer! And mainly I think it has to do with me. Those of you who know me, know I can be very impatient. I often want everything done now, on the spot. But unfortunately, as we all know, time is limited.

And therefore I have to test my patience.

I am now a couple of weeks in as one in the team at ISW and I enjoy it so much! Every day I have a full blast agenda with new things to learn, people to talk to and strategies to be made. It’s so fun!!

I have as many of you been a user of for example Kudos Boards for quite a long time, but now I get to peek behind the scenes, get to know the fantastic developers, learn the technical requirements, know it’s limitations and possibilities.  I am overwhelmed and amazed.


And this is just Kudos Boards. The list goes on, we have soo many great things to offer. And I want to know everything right now. And there is the problem (or excitement that there is so much fun to do!). I have to be patient and take it at it’s own pace.

My journey at ISW started end of August with me spending 1 week in the beautiful Tasmania and Hobart office. I got to meet a large part of the ISW team and I felt so welcome! You all made me feel like part of the family immediately and I’m very glad to get to know you all. I feel very lucky!

A special and very warm thank you to Adam Brown with family who showed us around the amazing Tasmania and both took us out in the nature, to a crazy art museum, to tasty dinners and more.

When I got home my brain was already full to to the limit and I had an almost full written notebook, thank you Rhi and Ange for handing it to me. And now I’m transferring it all to my beloved Boards and start working from there.

So there I have it. I have work for months to come already planned but I want to execute them today. Is it possible? No, I have to just realise it’s not. But what I do know is that I will have so much fun while I’m doing it!

P.S. Thank you Wannes Rams for being my biggest supporter. D.S. <3

I’m moving!


The time has come for me to leave Infoware. After 11 years, with many great experiences, I feel that this is the right moment.

First, I would like to take the opportunity to thank Infoware for letting me take steps in the directions I believe in, and for creating an open environment which ultimately made me an IBM Champion.

Looking back, I truly appreciate all the people I have had contact with during these years. People who challenged me to do better, to achieve more, daring me to jump on tasks and roles that seem unreachable or hard at first. Now I’m doing just that, taking the plunge to something new that I believe will be even more challenging and rewarding!

From August 20, I will join ISW (you might know them better by their product name Kudos) as Business Development & Marketing Manager – Europe. Exciting! This role is exactly what I love doing, talking to customers and learning about their experiences and challenges, helping to translate that into solutions and products and ultimately helps them on their path to a better and smoother digital work environment.

Best of all I get to work with one of the smartest, most professional and fun teams in the business collaboration space, ISW! Could it be better?

I very much look forward to learning more, experiencing more and giving back more to the people and community that have given me so much already, all in this world that never stop changing.

Bring it on! And don’t be a stranger!