Yes, I’m an IBM Champion again, New Year thoughts and a taste of Vegemite

First:: I am an IBM Champion! For the forth year in a row IBM has honoured me with this title that my contributions to the IBM community are valued. Thank you!

What a year 2018 was! When I look back on this and the years just before that, some moments stand out a bit more than others. And it is surprisingly enough not the grand and bombastic ones that pops up first in my head. More the quite small and at a first glance not especially planned or decisive ones. But all of those are very important in themselves, and they all lead up to this moment where I am now. And they gave me the opportunity, and paved the way for me to be able to take part and contribute in the bombastic ones!

For example a quite innocent feedback email I sent, which lead to unexpected consequences. A meeting poolside in Las Vegas. A question on a cupboard floor in Vienna. To name a few.

The results of these led, among other things, up to me attending IBM Think in Las Vegas and co-speaking in 4 sessions. Organising 2 conferences with Social Connections. One in Philadelphia and one in Berlin. Both successful with lots of customers attending. Leaving the company I worked for and joining ISW and Kudos Apps and I am very happy to work in a such a fun, energetic, competent and professional team.

And the most important thing is that I got to spend another year with the amazing Wannes Rams.

So thank you 2018 and all of you who participated in making it awesome!

And bring on 2019! Now with a taste of Vegemite 🙂

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