Hello world! Maria Nordin speaking

Hello world!

This is me Maria Nordin speaking. Welcome to my own new blog!

You might know me as one of the organisers and board members of Social Connections. The IBM Collaboration User Group.

Or else you might know me as Product Owner of DomainPatrol Social at Infoware.

Either way I have long thought that I should have my own space to express my thoughts, not coloured by the specific hat I’m wearing that particular day.

I will most probably write about my work in the IBM Collaboration space, the fantastic community I spend my work days in. I will most probably also write about things that I love outside work. Such as how to have fun and my fondness of shiny things.

Looking forward to talk to you all!

So long!

Wait, I’m not done yet. A big thank you to Wannes Rams who pushed me to do it and helped me to get started, and to Prominic who are hosting this blog!

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