I’m going to IBM THINK

I’m very excited because next week is IBM Think week in Las Vegas, and I’m going to be there!

The first time I attended a big IBM Collaboration Solution conference was in 2011, at Lotusphere in Orlando. I was immediately hooked! The vibe, all the people, the things I learned and experienced. A blast!  I have been fortunate to be attending Lotusphere/Connect  every year since that.

Lotusphere/Connect is no more and this is the first time the IBM Collaboration scene is part of a bigger conference, IBM Think in Las Vegas. Exciting times!

I really look forward going there and also have the possibility to take a sneek peek in the other areas IBM are BIG in, such as Security, IoT and Analytics.

When I attended these conferences in the past I have been on 100% booth duty demoing solutions and products, but now I will have time to build my agenda and go to sessions, which will be a new experience.

Although I really love the vibe on the showcase floor, chit chatting with other exhibitors and working like crazy 24/7, it will be fun to wander where my nose points for a change.

I was exaggerating there a little tiny bit. I already have full schedule! For example, you can find me as speaker in these sessions:

Why we should all use Watson Workspace and Connections Communities
MGM Grand Conference Center, Level 1, Room 103
Sunday March 18 10:35 – 10:55 am

Managing the noise
Tuesday March 20 11:00 am

The Imposter Syndrome
Wednesday March 21 9:00 am

See you there!



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